To overcome polio, we must know the vaccine. There are many kinds of vaccine. There are many kinds of vaccine. The vaccine According to media animal cells. Nowadays base on observation the vaccine such as, rotavirus vaccine, inactivated polio vaccine, Japanese encephalic vaccine.

In the future this vaccine also still use in Europe.

Vaccine of Polio oral. Immunize or this vaccination conducting by dripping vaccine of passing mouth.

Passive vaccine Polio. Immunize or this vaccination conducting by inseminating. Vaccine.
Polio is first time developed by Jonas Salk in the year 1955 and Albert Sabin in the year 1962. After the time / date of that, sum up the case of polio sharply downhill in this time strive to immunize a lot of state assisted by Rotary International UNICEF and WHO to quicken the global eradication of polio. One – the other one road; street which can be done to prevent this polio ailment is by getting vaccination polio.

Vaccination Polio passed to a newborn baby later; then continued by a baby moment old age 2, 4, and 6 month; moon. Another way to overcome polio is vaccine. Vaccine is very important. Most of people already get vaccine when they still children. We need vaccine, especially polio vaccine to keep our health. As time passes, hence most of all effort making and vaccine development done by hence media of cell breeder – that is breeder network using only one just cell type.

This cell can be obtained by dissociating appropriate cell type from network composed kinds of cell type. For a while the virus can live and multiply in cells of the network so that breeders facilitate for the operation of and monitoring of viral growth, roommates near enough impossible we do with the network breeders pregnant kinds of cell type. Same Technology have been utilized to pill the polio virus roommates we utilized in this time to make the polio vaccine roommates have been killed by the virus antigen.