Kamagra is a kind of medication which is given to those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and this helps in drive their sexual life. It is a kind of drug and if anyone is thinking to consume it then make sure that you are having enough information about and a proper body examination test. This will help in identifying either to take the medication or not as it suits to their body or not.

Majority of folks are looking for the answer of kamagra vs cialis and if you also want the same then remember that both are made to boost up the feelings and help in having a better sexual time with their partners. If you want to deal with your erectile dysfunction issue then with the help of both the medication, it can be deal up easily.


No doubt that kamagra helps in dealing with ED but along with this, this leaves many harmful effects on the body also. If you want to take right decision about the consumption of this drug then it is important to have information about every side, its good usage and the harmful effects also. So the side-effects of taking kamagra are:-

 Dizziness, headache and upset stomach

These three problems are common after taking kamagra and can happen to every human body. This is the effect which will happen on the body but not harm much. If you want to deal with this issue then keep this thing in mind that when you will get up, rise up slowly after the sitting and lying position. This will help in lighten up the headache.

Allergic reactions

After taking kamagra, it can cause some allergic reactions also to the body. Sometimes, it cause some serious allergic reactions which can cause many major issues to the body. If you will find any allergic symptoms on your body after taking the pills and jelly then all upon the doctor immediately to deal with the issue.

What precautions to take?

Have you heard about precautions and better than cure phrase? So if you are thinking to take kamagra then make sure that you will consult with the doctor first and get a full body examination also. Tell doctor or the supervisor about the medical history and current problems of body  in details so that doctor will easily guide you about the consumption of drug will be good or not.