Someone gets polio disease because they never given by vaccine. They less aware about polio disease. They less body impenetrability, so many virus into in their body such as Symptom from polio because of poliovirus, what is small virus RNA disseminating through contact with the mucus oral ( mouth, nose, dll). Most commonly, coherent virus at and infection of intestine cell, manifold, and realeased in feces from individual which infection.

What causes polio disease ?

Seldom, on 2% from case, virus disseminate from digesting systems to nerve systems and cause the paralysis disease. Poliovirus is small virus RNA consisted of three strain differ and catching very. Virus will groan the system of nerve and paralysis can be happened in clock quantification. Polio groan without recognizing age, fifty case gratuity became of the child have age of between 3 till 5 year. Incubation period of Polio from first symptom gyrate from 3 till 35 day. This virus Polio is included in group enteroviorus, set of relatives Picornavirus. This Virus Type is very hold up to alcohol and lisol, sensitive but to formaldehyde and condensation klor. This virus can die in high temperature but can live on to dive the to have year – year in a state of frost.

This polio ailment inclusive of catching disease. Virus Polio can groan all age faction with the paralysis storey;level which vary. spreading Poliovirus happened on the quiet which from some patient which infection do not feel the symptom so that patient do not know if x’self is being infected by poliovirus. Polio ailment in differentiating with three type strain, that is: Polio non paralisis. This Poliovirus cause the fever, luse, queasy, vomit and sensitive. Patient will experience of the muscle cramps of back and neck but muscle felt flabby in holding. 2. Polio Paralisis spinal. This Poliovirus will groan to groan the backbone nerve and can cause the paralysis 3. Polio Bulbar. This Poliovirus groan the body which do not own the natural body impenetrability later on groan the brain bar. Society must given sosialication about causes of polio disease by nurse or pass health advertisement everywhere. Causes polio is easy to know, so be careful about that. Polio is very dangerous.