Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? The safety and normality of having sex when you are pregnant is a big concern. Here are the answers to some of the important questions that might be troubling you.

1.      Is having sex during pregnancy different?

If your pregnancy is proceeding smoothly and normally, you may continue having sex. But hormonal and emotional variations, fatigue, nausea, weight gain, back ache, etc might curb your sexual desire. Certain psychological changes, such as fears and anxieties, might negativity affect your desire to have sex. Certain changes and stimulus might increase your sexual desire as well. Always talk with your partner openly about what and how you feel, and also consult your doctor or mid-wife for professional advice.

2.      Will sex during pregnancy harm my baby?

You will not hurt the baby by having sexual intercourse. The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby from any sort of mechanical injury. Your partners penis cannot penetrate beyond the vagina, thus the baby cannot feel or sense anything. The thick mucus plug that seals the cervix guards against transmission of infection as well.

3.      Can orgasms trigger labor?

An orgasm might bring on mild uterine contractions, but these are often temporary and harmless. They are not the kind that you will experience during labor. Though a major concern for couples, orgasms do not increase the chances of going into premature labor or having a miscarriage. Early miscarriages are more significantly related to chromosomal anomalies or other developmental problems.

4.      Is Oral and Anal sex safe?

Oral sex is considered safe. But certain things should be avoided, such as blowing air into the vagina. This might trigger an air embolism (blocked blood vessel), which might become a life threatening condition. Anal sex is generally not recommended. It might be uncomfortable and carries the possibility of allowing infection to spread from the rectum to the vagina.

5.      Should we use a condom?

An STD during pregnancy can adversely affect you and your baby as well. It is better to use a condom if:

Your partner has a STI

You have multiple sexual partners

6.      When should sex be avoided?

Sometimes, caution is the best precaution. Sex is not recommended if:

You have a history of premature labor or birth

You experience vaginal bleeding

Your amniotic fluid leaks

Your cervix begins to open prematurely

Your placenta partly or completely cover your cervical opening

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Changes in your sex-life after you become pregnant are inevitable. Discussions with your partner and your doctor or midwife are crucial. Never hesitate to discuss your insecurities and fears openly for a safe and fulfilling sexual relationship while you are pregnant.