When you choose to consume a high cholesterol diet; actually this is a worst decision that could be harmful for your heart. What the reason? Due by consuming foods rich in LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) of the cholesterol can narrow your arteries or even bunged up.


onions as lower cholesterol.

So, this is can lead you to strokes and heart attacks. But don’t worry, you can learn more of this. In the particular case of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) of the cholesterol is good. It is be helps you to remove excess cholesterol from the cells of your body. It also includes LDL cholesterol that is harmful to the body.

Our body needs cholesterol. It is useful to help build of the cell membranes. The liver produces cholesterol in your body. And it is travels through the blood by your lipoprotein. It is also to increase body metabolism, make bile acid and vitamin D. All that substance is to digest the fat and absorb nutrients in our body.

This cholesterol can be produces the hormone such as; estrogen, testosterone and adrenal hormones. Well, if you are doing high cholesterol diet this can still be say safe. Due a healthy human being is produces the cholesterol to be perform all the body functions. So, you just need to be careful to do it.

If you do this diet you need to avoid some foods. In order to prevent the buildup of cholesterol such as: meats that contain a lot of the fat, and fatty foods dairy products or baked pastry. For more details; you can read the previous article on high cholesterol diet recipes.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle like you keep LDL giants stay away from your body. It’s not too difficult, because you only need to change your diet with a list of foods low in weak that I wrote the following:

  • Two things that are usually difficult to avoid are alcohol and cigarettes. It cause of LDL into your arterial cell. If you have the high cholesterol diet plans I suggest you to avoid the both of it. Believe me!
  • You should eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits are more portion of the daily diet. You also need to set up a healthy menu and meal time as part of this diet plan.
  • If you do not have to avoid dairy food products, you can try looking for a meal replacement. Try soy milk products with added calcium or low fat dairy products.
  • Several studies have shown that eating more nuts can lower LDL levels. So you can consume more of these foods. Try the beans and sprouts or foods containing sulfur compounds such as onions and garlic. These foods have been show if it can lower cholesterol.
  • Time you have to weight loss, because it is also a means to reduce levels of LDL from your body.

Why should a high cholesterol diet?

You need to know some of the reasons for doing high cholesterol diet. All this relates to the protein who live near the walls of the arteries that. When excessive amounts of LDL, then some of them will be absorbed in the walls of arteries. This will cause the inflammation that will form plaques in the arterial wall.

Large plaque and reduce blood flow as they grow toward the lumen of the arteries that supply blood. So this causes obstruction that makes some organs receive less blood. This causes that they are suffer because this situation can cause your organs with no blood at all.

I can confirm that high cholesterol levels can lead to all suffering. This rate is directly due to the influence of the type of food you consume. Thus, make sure you run a high cholesterol diet safely.