Tinnitus is a humming, swishing or ringing in the ears that is frequently idiopathic in natureoccurring for no known cause. For this reason ringing ear treatment can come as a welcome relief.

Ringing Ear Treatment and Symptoms

Although most individuals experience some type of tinnitus at one time or another, those who must deal with the condition on a daily basis typically find it annoying and frustrating.

Tinnitus is diagnosed more often in Caucasian and Asian individuals than in those of African-American descent.

Various Manifestations

To a tinnitus sufferer the irritating sounds can be perceived as coming from both ears, one ear or even his or her head.

The sound is typically described as a ringing in the ears; however, according to the National Institute on Deafness, the noises associated with tinnitus have been described in an almost limitless number of ways.  These include whistling, buzzing, ticking, high-pitched whining, humming, hissing and even similar to noises made by certain insects such as crickets or locusts.

Some individuals state that the intensity of the sound diminishes when they change the position of their jaw, tongue, head, shoulders or even their eye movements although the reason for this is not yet known.

Underlying Causes

As previously mentioned, there is no one specific cause for tinnitus; however, it can be a symptom of certain underlying conditions such as hearing damage early in life.

Other causes may be damage to the Eustachian tube resulting from chronic ear infections, nasal allergies, cerumen impactionear wax build upwithdrawal from certain medications or a simple condition of a temporary nature such as a foreign object in the ear.

Many people who suffer from tinnitus, and may need ringing ear treatment, have a degree of hearing loss.

They are frequently unable to hear distinct external sounds even though the sounds are in the same frequency as the sounds associated with tinnitus.

Ringing Ear Treatment: Research

This has led certain researchers to conclude that hyperactive compensation for hearing loss is being attempted by the cochlear nucleusa part of the ear that controls the volume at which one perceives certain sounds.

However, hearing loss cannot be named as the sole cause of the condition as there are individuals with perfect hearing that suffer from tinnitus.

Ringing Ear Treatment: Considerations

There is a vast array of treatment options ranging from a simple cleaning of the ear canal to medications or even surgery.

Ongoing research concerning this condition will hopefully lead to a better understanding of its causes as well as a possible cure. Until then, anyone suffering from tinnitus should seek the advice of a licensed health care professional who can recommend the best treatment plan.