GAD or Generalized anxiety disorder is a psychological state that is related to the set of anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the main feature of this psychological disorder. This type of disorder can be developed in persons of any age and it is about two times more common in women than men. Several kinds of treatments exist for dealing with this condition, conditional on the patient’s particular needs.

Persons with generalized anxiety disorder constantly feel worried and anxious about everything yet nothing in particular. They feel as if they have to constantly be ready for catastrophe and continuously worry about money, social situations and others. Some persons with this disorder get panic attacks along with other indications of serious stress. These may result in anxiety because the individual may experience discomfort in public with the worry that a panic attack will occur.

Other symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, impatience, restlessness, nausea, irritability and overly sweating. Some patients may only display low level anxiety but for others, generalized anxiety disorder result in a severe anxiety level and because of this, the patient can hardly live an active and normal life. If this goes on for over six months, the individual has to be treated. A psychiatrist may provide a diagnosis and give the patient treatment options.

There are a number of medications that can help with this anxiety disorder and these include anti-anxiety drugs (control the anxiety plus the symptoms related to anxiety) as well as antidepressants for helping the patient to get to a more stable mental state. It is reported that GAD is originated in the brain as problems involving neurotransmitters and chemical balancing in the brain. It is believed that medications can aid in restoring a more regular level of the chemical to allow the patient to feel comfortable.

Another treatment for generalized anxiety disorder is psychotherapy. A psychotherapist might help the patient to find out what is the original cause of this type of anxiety and also to deal with particular issues and situations like the wish to have the ability to socialize with others. Psychotherapy may be used as a substitute or in addition to medication, depending on the individual and the treatment technique of the psychiatrist that the patient sees.

Of the internalizing disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, post traumatic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder is said to be frequently diagnosed by comparing it with the others. The disorder can be managed by the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, talking to others, and counselling.