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Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

Strokes happen when part of the brain does not receive enough blood. Strokes use to be a disease that happened to people fifty years or older. In recent years, strokes are happening to individuals as young as their teens. Obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and family history all contribute to a person’s risk factor of experiencing a stroke. Strokes are life threatening medical emergencies. Being able to recognize the signs immediately followed by immediate treatment can prevent death or damage to affected areas of the brain.

Affected areas of the brain can result in one-sided paralysis, inability to understand what people are saying, inability to recognize objects, inability to speak or cause the patient to be unable to say what things. Strokes are very debilitating and many times the patient will never fully recover even after extensive occupational, physical and speech therapies, visit acheter viagra. These reasons are why the healthcare profession is so determined to educate everyone on the signs and symptoms of a stroke. Part of the education includes the two most important immediate actions to take if someone is stroking. Time is of the essence when dealing with a stroke or possible stroke.

The most common symptoms of an individual experiencing a stroke are sudden onset of numbness or weakness effecting the face, arm or leg, difficulty seeing out of one or both eyes, problems walking, dizziness and/or loss of balance confusion, difficulty talking or understanding speech and finally severe headache. As with heart attacks, women can also present with some different symptoms according to cialis en ligne. Sudden onset of pain on one-side of the body effecting the face, arm or leg, onset of hiccups, onset of nausea, onset of tiredness, onset of chest pain, shortness of breath, and finally pounding or racing of the heart. Some state it feels like the heart is ready to jump out of their chest.

To assist non-professionals and even some professionals determine if an individual is stroking, they created the acronym FAST to help remember how to identify the most common signs of a stroke. “F” stands for face. Ask the person to smile and observe to determine if one side of the face droops. “A” stands for arms. Have the person raise both arms and observe for one-arm to drift downward. “S” stands for speech. Ask the person to repeat a simple phase looking for slurred speech or strange sounds or words. “T” stands for time. Should you observe any of the above behaviors call 9-1-1 immediately.

Each minute a stroke patient goes untreated and the blood flow to the brain is blocked increases post-stroke damage to brain cells. Finally, the two most important steps to take if you believe a person is stroking is to call 9-1-1 and note the time of onset of symptoms. Knowing this information could very well save a life. Please pass this information on to others. The more people who know what to do the more lives can be saved with the least possible damage.

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Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? The safety and normality of having sex when you are pregnant is a big concern. Here are the answers to some of the important questions that might be troubling you.

1.      Is having sex during pregnancy different?

If your pregnancy is proceeding smoothly and normally, you may continue having sex. But hormonal and emotional variations, fatigue, nausea, weight gain, back ache, etc might curb your sexual desire. Certain psychological changes, such as fears and anxieties, might negativity affect your desire to have sex. Certain changes and stimulus might increase your sexual desire as well. Always talk with your partner openly about what and how you feel, and also consult your doctor or mid-wife for professional advice.

2.      Will sex during pregnancy harm my baby?

You will not hurt the baby by having sexual intercourse. The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby from any sort of mechanical injury. Your partners penis cannot penetrate beyond the vagina, thus the baby cannot feel or sense anything. The thick mucus plug that seals the cervix guards against transmission of infection as well.

3.      Can orgasms trigger labor?

An orgasm might bring on mild uterine contractions, but these are often temporary and harmless. They are not the kind that you will experience during labor. Though a major concern for couples, orgasms do not increase the chances of going into premature labor or having a miscarriage. Early miscarriages are more significantly related to chromosomal anomalies or other developmental problems.

4.      Is Oral and Anal sex safe?

Oral sex is considered safe. But certain things should be avoided, such as blowing air into the vagina. This might trigger an air embolism (blocked blood vessel), which might become a life threatening condition. Anal sex is generally not recommended. It might be uncomfortable and carries the possibility of allowing infection to spread from the rectum to the vagina.

5.      Should we use a condom?

An STD during pregnancy can adversely affect you and your baby as well. It is better to use a condom if:

Your partner has a STI

You have multiple sexual partners

6.      When should sex be avoided?

Sometimes, caution is the best precaution. Sex is not recommended if:

You have a history of premature labor or birth

You experience vaginal bleeding

Your amniotic fluid leaks

Your cervix begins to open prematurely

Your placenta partly or completely cover your cervical opening

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Changes in your sex-life after you become pregnant are inevitable. Discussions with your partner and your doctor or midwife are crucial. Never hesitate to discuss your insecurities and fears openly for a safe and fulfilling sexual relationship while you are pregnant.

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What is the Importance of a Balanced Diet?

What is the importance of a balanced diet? Do we really need to know what a balanced diet is and why is it necessary as a part of our daily diet plans?

What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is one which contains all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (fats) and water. In order to find all these essential elements in our food, it is important to educate ourselves about food groups.

Essential Components of a Balanced Diet

Carbohydrates can be attained by having brown bread, brown rice, grains, cereal, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, pulses, beans etc.

Proteins are found in meat like beef, poultry and fish, pulses, nuts, grains and tofu. Vitamin rich foods contain testogen fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit juice and vegetable stock is a quick way to get it. Vitamin D can be consumed from sunlight and milk, C from orange juice, E from nuts etc.

Dairy and meat products are rich in minerals and so are vegetables and fruits. Almost 8-9 glasses of water should be consumed every day. Avoid bottled water and use clean tap water instead. A balanced diet keeps the body healthy and active. It helps in supplying every essential nutrient to the body and prevents it from diseases and malnutrition. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the main essential elements which constitute a balanced diet, read phenq for more info.

Carbohydrates help in providing quick energy and help with constipation issues. Whole grains help in keeping the blood sugar and insulin levels in control and prevents type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Proteins help in building and repairing tissues and muscles. They also help in keeping the skin fresh and aid cell growth and repair.

Vitamin A helps with vision issues, B in energy production and stress reduction. Vitamin D makes bones and teeth stronger and C helps against aging. Vitamin deficiency can lead to weakness of the immune system, scurvy, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

Minerals help in decision making, improving metabolism,calcium strengthens the bones, iron prevents fatigue, and energy is produced by iodine.70-80% of the body is made up of water and it helps against dehydration and keeps up fluid production. Water also helps in maintaining pH levels and chemical reactions in the body.

Dietary reference values DRVs are available to help compare the average amount of intake an individual must have according to their age and gender. We must know that an unbalanced diet can cause developmental issues, impairment of nervous system and malfunction of body tissue, muscles and bone production.

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Finding A Dentist

Finding The Best Dentist

Are you looking for a good dentist? If so, this page is going to be immensely important for you since we are going to provide you with some unique and effective tips that will enable you to find out the best dentist.

Local Dental Schools

You can consider yourself to be lucky enough if there is a dental school in or near your locality. Dental schools are among the best sources of efficient dentists. You can visit the dental school or you may also make a call over the telephone and ask for the list of the names of the dentists who are practicing in the dental school. It is guaranteed that if you find a dentist, he or she will be good enough to treat you. If you find the dentists efficient enough and if you can grow faith on him, you may also select him to be your family dentist.

Local Dental Hospitals

If there is no dental school in or near your locality, check out for the health care centers and the hospitals. There are very few hospitals, especially health care centers that do not provide dental services. Therefore, if you try this method, you are sure to find out at least a number of dentists. Before making any choice about which dentist to approach to, check the recommendations. It would help you to have an idea about which dentist is popular or not. You may also contact the dentist in charge since he is the best person to let you know about the reputation and efficiency of the dentists practicing with him or under his supervision.

Get A Recommendation

There is one more way of finding out the best dentist for you. You must know some orthodontist or periodontist. You can ask them to recommend to you an efficient dentist. These specialists have been found to be familiar with specialists in some other medical field. So, if you try this method, you may really get the best dentist for you or for your family. He may take special care of you since you have been recommended by another person who again happens to be familiar with him.

If you are moving to a new place where you neither know a dentist or a dental school, ask your present dentist if he knows any dentist in the area where you are moving to.

Find A Dentist Online

Looking for dentists online is also one of the best options that you can resort to. You have to bear the least hazards for your bid to find out the dentist. The only things you need are a personal computer and access to the internet. Search for the dentists and you will come across a number of dentists practicing in various parts of the country. You will also come to know the details about them, which will help you to form some impression about him. You will also get their addresses and contact numbers form the internet.

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Sinus Infections

A sinus infection is caused by the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses on either side of the nose. This inflammation could either be caused by allergies or caused by bacteria or virus.

The mucus in the sinuses normally drains into the nasal passages. However, during a cold or an allergy attack, histamines cause the sinuses to inflame and block up the passages, making the mucus collect there. Histamines are chemicals produced during allergic reactions.

The collected mucus becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. These, then, form the building blocks for an infection.

A sinus infection could last for three weeks or more. Sinus infection normally occurs after a common cold, and its symptoms are headache, facial pain, nasal congestion, fever, green or yellow discharge from the nose, a heavy face feeling, etc

Allergies, smoking, deviated septum and other such structural problems, nasal polyps, etc., can lead to a bout of sinus infection.

Painkillers such as aspirin or paracetamol tablets, steam inhalation, nasal irrigation, hot drinks, such as tea or chicken soup, and decongestants are some of the treatment methods used to cure sinus infections. All of these measures when used should be backed up with plenty of rest. If the infection continues for more than 48 hours, antibiotics or nasal steroids should be used. Sinusitis could develop into bronchitis and pneumonia, if not properly treated. Chronic sinusitis could damage the sinuses and the cheekbones. You would then have to go for nasal surgery to repair the damage.

Sinus infection lasting for more than three months or recurring frequently is called chronic. Some bacteria are immune to certain antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance can be prevented by exactly following the antibiotic dosage prescribed by the doctor. The course must be completed, even though symptoms disappear before.

Should medical treatment fail, or nasal obstruction persists, surgery should be resorted to. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is considered the most efficient sinus surgery. The surgery uses an endoscope with which the surgeon can look directly into the nose to remove diseased tissue and polyps and clear the narrow channels.

Sinusitis can be prevented by using an oral decongestant or a short course of nasal spray decongestant, especially before air travel, gently blowing the nose by blocking one nostril and blowing through the other, drinking lots of fluids to keep the nasal discharge thin and using antihistamines to control allergy attacks. Allergy testing can also increase tolerance towards allergy-inducing substances.

Allergic reactions that lead to sinusitis are often caused by the overreaction of the immune system. The immune system goes awry because of several factors, including the increasing presence of toxins in the environment.

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Relaxation techniques to relieve stress

For many relax is synonymous to sit watching TV doing nothing after a stressful day. However, this does not help to reduce the effects of stress. To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the response of natural relaxation of the body, which is achieve through the cialis en ligne practice of relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise or yoga.

Certain level of stress is necessary for life: to awaken the creativity, to encourage learning and the survival. Stress becomes dangerous when it disrupts the healthy state of balance to the nervous system needs.

Unfortunately, excessive stress has become an increasingly common feature of contemporary life. When stress factors unbalanced nervous system, relaxation techniques can help us restore balance to produce the response of relaxation, a State of deep calm that is the polar opposite of the stress response.

When stress increases the nervous system is overload with chemicals that prepare the body for fight or flight, so that the same response to stress that can save us the life in emergencies where you need to act quickly, can be very damaging when it is check constantly by the tensions of everyday life. The relaxation response holds this high State of readiness and leads to the body and mind to a State of equilibrium.

There are various relaxation techniques can help the nervous system to find the balance by producing the relaxation response. Learn the basics of these techniques of relaxation is not difficult, but it takes practice. Most experts recommend practicing relaxation techniques between 10 and 20 minutes minimum to relieve stress.

There is a relaxation technique in particular that is best for all. When choosing a relaxation technique, you should consider each one’s specific needs, preferences, their physical condition and the way to respond to stress.

o Deep breathing and meditation

Deep breathing is a simple, but powerful, technique for relaxation. It is easy to learn, it can be practiced almost anywhere and provides a quick way to have high levels of stress under control.

Deep breathing is the cornerstone of many relaxation techniques and can combined with other elements of relaxation such as aromatherapy and music.

Breathe deeply from the abdomen; get as much air as possible is the key to deep breathing. Deep breathing allows you to inhale more oxygen, and the greater is the amount of oxygen minor is inhale is the tension and there is less feeling of anxiety and shortness of breath.

To take a deep breath, sit comfortably with your back straight and placed a hand on your chest and the other in the stomach. Breathe through your nose and feels like the hand you have on the stomach is lift. The hand that is on the chest should move very little. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth, pushing the air as much as you can while you get the abdominal muscles. The hand on your stomach should move in to exhale, but your other hand should move very little. Continue by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

If you find it difficult to breathe as well as he sat, try to lie down on the ground. Put a small book on your stomach and try to breathe so the book rise as you inhale and lower when you exhale.

o Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation involves a two-step process in which must be tighten and systematically relax different muscle groups.

With regular practice, progressive muscle relaxation offers an intimate familiarity with what tension and relaxation to feel them independently in different parts of the body. This knowledge helps to detect and counteract the first symptoms of muscle tension that accompanies stress. In addition, as the body relaxes the mind relax.

Deep breathing with progressive muscle relaxation can combined to get an extra level of stress relief. If you have any muscle, problems you should consult a physician before practicing of relaxation.

Different paths can followed to practice progressive muscle relaxation. Most of the people who are practice this technique begin with feet and are progressively advancing to the face.

It is important to have comfortable clothes that do not tighten and remove your shoes to get a relaxation complete. Start breathing slowly and deeply to remove the maximum possible voltage and concentrate. When you are ready / a, start by putting attention on one foot to feel it completely. Contracts the muscles of the foot as possible and keep contraction while you count to ten, and then relax it.

Concentrate on feeling is, see how is that foot after feeling the prolonged contraction. Keep your concentration while you breathe slowly and deeply a few seconds. When ready make the same thing with the other foot, progress continues by groups muscle up the face.

o Body scan

The body scan is similar to progressive muscle relaxation only, instead of tighten and relax the muscles, just focus on the sensations in each part of the body.

o Mindfulness or mindfulness

Mindfulness or mindfulness is the ability to remain aware of what you are feeling at this time both internally and externally. To stay calm and focus on the present moment must bring the nervous system back to a State of equilibrium. Mindfulness can applied to activities such as walking, exercising or eating, but the most common is to apply it to meditation.

To apply mindfulness must consider some points to get key focuses attention.

A quiet environment. Choose a place where you can relax without distractions or interruptions.

A comfortable position. Make yourself comfortable, but not lie down.

A focal point. This point can be internal – a feeling or a something external or imaginary – scene – a flame or a significant word or phrase that is repeated throughout the session-. You can focus with the eyes open or closed. You can also choose to focus on an object in your environment to improve your concentration.

An observer, non-critical attitude. Do not worry about distractions that go through your mind or think about the fact of doing it right or wrong. If thoughts intrude in your relaxation session, you cannot fight against them. Instead, gently turn your attention to your focus point.

o Display

The display is a variation of the traditional meditation requiring that use not only the sense of sight, but also the sense of taste, touch, smell and ear. When used as a relaxation, visualization acheter viagra technique involves imagining a scenario in which you feel at peace, and with total freedom to let go of all tension and anxiety.

To practice visualization should find a quiet and relaxed place. Beginners sometimes you fall asleep during a meditation of the display, so if you have not done so it is never best you do it sitting / to.

Close your eyes and let your worries disappear. A quiet music helps a lot in these cases. Imagine that you are in a place of rest, the one you want. You have to see it, smell it, hear it, and play it. The display works best if many sensory details are incorporate as possible, using at least three of the senses. When viewing, select the images that you attract to you, regardless of which more or less attractive to others. No one else is on your mind, so feel free to choose. Leave your own images to move into your head and feel everything that you bring: smells, sensations, sounds, etc.

Enjoy the sensation of deep relaxation and let you wrap as you slowly explore your resting place. When you are ready, gently open your eyes and the present without rushing.

o Yoga and tai chi

Yoga combines specific positions with deep breaths. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, yoga can also improve flexibility, strength, balance, and resistance. Practiced regularly can strengthen the response of relaxation in everyday life. To avoid injury it is learn attending group classes or hiring a private tutor.

Tai chi consists of carrying out a series of movements that flow slowly, each at their own pace. These movements emphasize the concentration, relaxation and circulation aware of vital energy throughout the body. Although relaxation techniques, rooted in the martial arts, tai chi, currently practiced primarily as a way to calm the mind, condition the body and reduce stress. As in Mindfulness, tai chi practitioners focus on your breathing and keep your attention in the present moment. Tai chi is a safe, low impact option for people of all ages and fitness levels, including older people and people recovering from injuries.

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About Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD

GAD or Generalized anxiety disorder is a psychological state that is related to the set of anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the main feature of this psychological disorder. This type of disorder can be developed in persons of any age and it is about two times more common in women than men. Several kinds of treatments exist for dealing with this condition, conditional on the patient’s particular needs.

Persons with generalized anxiety disorder constantly feel worried and anxious about everything yet nothing in particular. They feel as if they have to constantly be ready for catastrophe and continuously worry about money, social situations and others. Some persons with this disorder get panic attacks along with other indications of serious stress. These may result in anxiety because the individual may experience discomfort in public with the worry that a panic attack will occur.

Other symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, impatience, restlessness, nausea, irritability and overly sweating. Some patients may only display low level anxiety but for others, generalized anxiety disorder result in a severe anxiety level and because of this, the patient can hardly live an active and normal life. If this goes on for over six months, the individual has to be treated. A psychiatrist may provide a diagnosis and give the patient treatment options.

There are a number of medications that can help with this anxiety disorder and these include anti-anxiety drugs (control the anxiety plus the symptoms related to anxiety) as well as antidepressants for helping the patient to get to a more stable mental state. It is reported that GAD is originated in the brain as problems involving neurotransmitters and chemical balancing in the brain. It is believed that medications can aid in restoring a more regular level of the chemical to allow the patient to feel comfortable.

Another treatment for generalized anxiety disorder is psychotherapy. A psychotherapist might help the patient to find out what is the original cause of this type of anxiety and also to deal with particular issues and situations like the wish to have the ability to socialize with others. Psychotherapy may be used as a substitute or in addition to medication, depending on the individual and the treatment technique of the psychiatrist that the patient sees.

Of the internalizing disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, post traumatic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder is said to be frequently diagnosed by comparing it with the others. The disorder can be managed by the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, talking to others, and counselling.